Nail salon Kent, Nail salon 98030, The Lash, Brow & Nail Bar


Classic Manicure $20
Royal Manicure $25
Signature Manicure $30
Deluxe Manicure $35
Classic Pedicure $30
Royal Pedicure $35
Signature Pedicure $40
Deluxe Pedicure $50
Full Set $35 + up
Fill $25 + up
Dip Powder $40 + up
Pink and White $50
Shellac Color $30 + up
Shellac French $35 + up

Eyelash Extensions

Synthetic Mink $120
Synthetic Mink Fill $50
Real Mink Lashes $180
Real Mink Lashes Fill $60

Permanent Makeup & Microblading

Eyebrow Microblading $600

Permanent Makeup

Eyebrow $500
Eyeliner $250
Lip $600


Eyebrow Tinting $15
Eyebrow $10
Lip $5
Chin $10
Whole Face $45
Half Arm $40
Whole Arm $60
Half Legs $60
Whole Legs $80
Bikini Wax $45
Brazilian Wax $60


4D Sculpture $125 per session

Cavitation, RF and Vibration Plate

Ultrasonic Cavitation or RF for 1 hour $100
Lasser Lipo + scrub for 30 minutes $60
Lasser Lipo + scrub for 1 hour $99
Lasser Lipo & Sauna Detox for 1 hour $150

Body Contouring

Sauna Detox for 30 minutes $40
Sauna Detox for 50 minutes $70
Vagina rejuvenation $499
LED Teeth Whiting for 30 mins $100
Vibration Plate for 10 minutes $10

Vacuum Butt Therapy

LBN Butt Lift for 1 hour $100
LBN Butt Lift 3N1 Sessions $250
LBN Butt Sculpture (Cellulite Treatment) $250
LBN Thick 2N1 Butt Lift with Laser Lipo Stomach, Back or Thick $299

Ultrasonic waves to remove and destroy the adipose tissue cell membrane. The ultrasonic device is calibrated to only target the fat cells so it will not cause damage to any of your other surrounding body tissue or organs. During the week after your cavitation procedure you will secrete the destroyed fatty tissue through your sweat, stool and urine.


The laser technique directly penetrates through deep layers of adipose tissue in the treatment area. This procedure is recommended for people that have loose broken up fluffy fat instead of dense hard fat in the treatment area. During the week after your laser procedure you will secrete the destroyed fatty tissue through your sweat, stool and urine.


Utilizes radiofrequency waves which is heat energy for tissue remodeling and production of elastin and new collagen. Underlying tissue contracts to diminish or remove cellulite, reduce body fat, tighten skin, post-op smoothing and body contouring and reshaping.


While using our detox sauna blanket you will be wrapped with slimming gel that firms the skin, treat cellulite and target adipose tissue. You will sweat out all of your impurities which include, but not limited to fat, alcohol, chemicals and other harmful materials that we accumulate in our body.


Vacuum therapy is used to restore and increase buttocks volume with YOUR own fat using a vacuum technique. The vacuum therapy stimulates the muscles and mobilizes the fat. It promotes natural lifting and tightening of the skin beneath the surface to receive a firm toned look without surgery.


Vaginal steaming involves exposing the vagina to steam to cleanse it and enhance its health. Vaginal steaming involves sitting over a steaming pot of water that often contains added herbs. People who practice vaginal steaming believe the herbs can penetrate vaginal tissues and offer a variety of benefits.


A self directed 30min procedure that uses LED lightening combined with the Bleach Bright Whitening kit to whiten teeth 2-8 shades in 15-20min. The Bluminerals kit closes the pores on the teeth allowing you to eat and drink immediately after the whitening procedure.


An ultrasonic focusing technique used to tighten the vagina. It can improve sensation during sexual intercourse, tighten the vagina after childbirth, and reduce the effects of menopause. MUST AVOID exercise for 24hrs and sexual intercourse for 72hrs after treatment.

Signature Facial Treatments

Hydra Facial $180

HydraFacial Treatment is noninvasive and show immediate visible results, exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin with anti-oxidants, peptides and vitamins.

Microdermabrasion $160

Microdermabrasion is used to slough off the top layer of dead skin cells, followed by an Infusion of serums that are custom to your skincare needs.

Diamond Silk Lifting $190

Soluble Collagen Thread and Nano Essence Combination smooth away wrinkles and improve elasticity for a stunningly youthful glow, eye wrinkles. promote younger-looking skin.

Detox Chemical $190

A detox facial is an excellent skin treatment that is great for your skin. It helps in the elimination of not only excess oil but also skin toxins, leaves you with grow & healthy skin.

Carbon CO2 Therapy $160

This treatment uses CO2 as a special mechanism for skin brightening, improvement in blood flow and skin texture. Benefits: reduced pigmentation and dark circles, repaired fine lines, tightening, skin oil balance, moisture, and radiance.

24 K Gold Luxury $200

ANTI-AGING + PRESERVING | Skin is deep cleansed with purifying cream. Combined with 24- karat gold leaf massaged into the skin using Radio Frequency to regenerate, hydrate, and nourish. revealing an opulent glow.

Basic Deep Cleansing

Basic Facial (45') $70 - $90

This is your essential facial. Perfect for a first time facial. Your experience will include: Thorough Skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions to remove impurities, Mask. Face massage, neck massage.

Micro Nano Needling $100 - $129

A triple action resurfacing process of exfoliation. nano-needling, and LED Light Therapy is performed to nourish and increase the look of hydration and healthy skin.


Choose your preferred treatment:

-BB glow: vitamin & antioxidant powerhouse. Leaving your skin a youthful, dewy glow, and brightening look.

-Ginseng: promotes elasticity and collage production to reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.

-Spirulina: activates skin enzymes and increases growth factors to heal. protect, and boost skin radiance.

Acne Clearing Facial $70

This facial is targeted to focus on extractions for blocked pores. This process will remove impurities & buildup of oil & dirt that may be clogging your Skin Brightening.

Bubble Deep Cleansing $99

Bubble mask turns into an oxygen-rich, gentle foam that not only cleans pores but revitalizes skin Also provides a brightening effect, gently exfoliates giving you anti-aging benefits.